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Company Profile

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. started as a privately held company in 1966. Since inception the company has designed and manufactured AC to DC and DC to DC power converters for the OEM electronics industry. In 1985 Semiconductor Circuits was purchased by Powertec, Inc., a manufacturer of open frame AC to DC power supplies for the computer industry. Semiconductor Circuits operated as a wholly owned subsidiary during this time.

In 1988 Emerson Electric Company of St. Louis, MO. after purchasing the Powertec companies, made an equity swap of five companies including Semiconductor Circuits for an interest in Astec(BSR) Plc. Under this agreement, Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Astec America, a US subsidiary of Astec(BSR) Plc.

In 1998 Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. was purchased in a management buyout and is presently operated as a privately held women-owned company. Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. is a subsidiary of Cool Power Technologies.

Product Mix

In addition to standard and catalog product, modified standard DC to DC converters have been the hallmark of Semiconductor Circuits for over 40 years. During this period we have successfully designed and manufactured specialized converters for OEM’s worldwide.


We continue to service customers representing diverse industries in domestic and international markets. Those Markets include, but are not limited to: Transportation ,Telecom, Medical, Instrumentation, Industrial, EDP, Aerospace/Defense.


Semiconductor Circuits Inc’s corporate headquarters and new manufacturing facility are located one hour Northeast of Boston, Massachusetts in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Our manufacturing facility is fully automated with state of the art surface mount capabilities.

Quality System – ISO9001:2008 UL Registered Firm

Semiconductor Circuits Inc. is committed to conformance with the company’s Quality Policy. Semiconductor Circuits Inc.’s Quality Goals are to manufacture products that meet customers requirements at a competitive price. Quality improvement is the responsibility of every employee at Semiconductor Circuits, Inc.